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Advance College Academy


In a few short weeks, we will begin Hanover County’s first ever Advance College Academy.  As we gear up together for this exciting journey into your futures, I wanted to share a few pieces of important and timely information.

First, we want to remind you of our upcoming ACA Event.


  •         When?          August 18, 2016 from 1-3 PM
  •         Where?        Patrick Henry High School (New Gym)
  •         Why?            Meet your fellow student cohort members,

                    your teachers and other key PHHS staff, walk through a “typical

day” at PHHS ACA, and celebrate at our ice cream social!

  •         Who?            ACA Student Members, hosted by PHHS ACA Team

Next, I want to share that collaboration on unified ACA program planning across our district is strong.

It is a privilege and honor to work together as a team with my colleagues at all four Hanover High Schools as well as Reynolds Community College to ensure our students have a consistent, rich, and deep experience in ACA no matter which campus they attend for the program.  In this vein, Mr. Charles Stevens and I are working together to develop some ACA “swag” (polo shirt & t-shirt options) for our awesome students to purchase at both locations.  We are excited to be able to offer unifying, common attire that will allow you all to show your pride in ACA and to show that you are a member of program that is larger than one school and is preparing you for success after high school.

Also, I want to capture the details for the bus shuttle routine for our ACA students traveling to & from HHS.

MEETING DAYS:  The PHHS/HHS ACA will hold classes on every A Day at PHHS.  Therefore, students and parents need to make careful note of the following transportation information for every A Day…

MORNING SHUTTLE-  From Hanover High School to Patrick Henry High School

o   The ACA shuttle bus will depart PROMPTLY at 7:50 AM.

o   Students should report to Hanover High School by 7:40 AM in order to board the shuttle bus and be ready to leave campus at 7:50 AM.  The bus will not be able to wait for tardy students.

o   Parents are responsible for ensuring timely arrival for the shuttle & should drop off  at the main entrance of Hanover High School.

AFTERNOON SHUTTLE-  From Patrick Henry High School back to Hanover High School

o   Students will be dismissed PROMPTLY from class at 3:15 PM in order to board the bus and depart ahead of regular dismissal and with time to return to HHS campus for afternoon activity start.  (The instructional time reduced for this 10 minute early dismissal five times over a two week period will be recovered during Wednesday Flex Block period every other week.  ACA students will remain with ACA students and teachers during this Flex Block time while the rest of PHHS students will attend their grade level Flex Block class.)

o   The shuttle bus for our ACA students will be the first position in our PM bus line-up at PHHS and will leave campus first and immediately after all students have boarded.

o    The return shuttle is expected to arrive at Hanover High School at approximately 3:45 PM, depending upon traffic patterns.

o   Hanover students participating in scheduled afternoon activities should report promptly upon arrival on campus.

o   Parents of HHS students in ACA are responsible for afternoon transportation home and should plan to pick up their children at the main entrance of Hanover High School.

We thank our parent partners in advance for your consistent help with timely, efficient drop-off and pick-up routines in order to maximize the instructional time required for the success and requirements of this amazing program for our students.  


Additionally, I want to review the fees related to student participation in Advance College Academy.

FEES:  As you all know, the cost of the program is $1,000.  Here is the breakdown of annual fee payment for the two different cohorts:

  •         ACA Class of 2019 (10th Graders)=   $334 year 1, $333 year 2, and $333 year 3.
  •         ACA Class of 2020 (9th Graders)=     $250 each year for four years
  •         You may pay your respective fee for this year online via MySchoolBucks, or during your HOME SCHOOL fee collection times.  (Fee Nights for PHHS  will be on August 23rd, 24th, and 30th.  Please see website for more details.)

Thank you in advance for your financial support of your child’s opportunity.


Finally, I want to highlight some resources to note:

ACA Contact at PHHS:                        Mrs. Margaret Roane, School Counselor


                                                                    Tel:  804.365.8020

ACA Administrator at PHHS:             Mrs. Beth Smith, Principal


                                                                    Tel:  804.365.800

ACA Information from Reynolds:  http://reynolds.edu/get_started/advance_college_academy

PHHS Main Website:                      http://hanover.k12.va.us/phhs/
I look forward to meeting each of you at our August 18th Open House and working with you all for the next three to four years.  Here’s to an amazing year in Advance College Academy!


Beth Smith

PHHS Principal