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Vote for PH for Not4Me commercial


We have exciting news and we need your help. TV Production IV students (Corinna Cline and Caroline Palmer) have entered a contest for the CBS Not4me commercial. Out of about 40 entries have one a spot in the top 5. The winning commercial will be aired on live television during the Annual 60th Grammy Awards on CBS on January 28th and continue to run through June 2018.  The students will win a $1,500 cash grant and the PHHS TV Production program will win a $1000 cash grant. WE NEED VOTES!! Please go to the following link and vote for “Drinking can wait, The Adventure can’t.” We need all the votes we can get as we are competing against Varina, Atlee, and Lee Davis.
Select “Drinking can wait, the Adventure Can’t” by Corinna C.
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