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Student Password Tips


If students are having trouble logging in to the computer or one of their accounts, know that most issues right now are results of bad typing or bad memories. Here  are some troubleshooting tips that they should try before they have their password(s) reset:

  • try the password again SLOWLY
  • try another computer
  • make sure they’re using the same password for everything (network, PowerSchool, and Google)
  • have them check their phone for a photo of their password
  • ask their English teacher (during their English class) for their password sheet
  • if they can login to the computer, they can check ClassLink for saved passwords

Also, many of the students are using the PowerSchool App on their phones.  They need to remove the app from their phone because it is not supported by HCPS and has calculates grades and GPA incorrectly.  Students who cannot login through the app but usually are able to login on a school computer.  If they want to use their phones, they just need to login to PowerSchool through the internet browser (Safari, Google, etc.).

If none of these work, they should see Mrs. Haverstein in the back of the library for GOOGLE and NETWORK passwords. The best time to find her is at the beginning or end of the blocks.

They should see Mrs. Osborne or Mrs. Hague in counseling to their unlock POWERSCHOOL accounts.

Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Lent are enjoying a busy research paper season and cannot reset passwords because they’re working with classes.

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