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PATRIOT PRIDE EXPRESS Issue 15 – November 27th, 2016



Hope everyone had a restful and relaxing Thanksgiving Break!

Below, please find a preview of the week to come as well as a few reminders & highlights:

IMPORTANT: Add/Drop Class Deadline

  • December 16 is the last day to drop a course without it showing up on a student’s transcript.
  • If a course is dropped after December 16, the course will appear on the student’s transcript and show whether or not the student was passing or failing at the time of the withdrawal (WP: Withdraw Pass, WF: Withdraw Fail).
  • If a student drops a course in which they are failing after December 16, a 0 will be calculated into the student’s Cumulative GPA.


  • We are grateful that the issue of inconsistent WIFI access in the school building was brought to our attention several weeks ago.
  • This allow us to look for patterns, troubleshoot, and communicate more specifics with central technology.
  • Together we discovered that in an effort to restrict VPN (Virtual Private Network) use by students, which is not permitted because it allows unrestricted and unfiltered internet  access, the response had a broader reach than expected.
  • Specifically, we think this fix pushed out some user’s who may have not been knowingly using VPNs by connecting to another users hot spot where a VPN was in use.
  • This fix was reversed, all users were allowed back into the school WIFI and the VPN response was modified.
  • Therefore, as of Friday prior to break, all students should have school WIFI access.
  • If a student has difficulty with WIFI access at this point, please visit Mrs. Haverstein in the library so she can support you.
  • We ask that parents ensure that students remove any VPN apps from their phones/personal devices.
  • Installation and use of VPNs is not permitted and will cause a loss of access. Thank you for your collaborative problem solving.

Extra Jostens Order Day for Seniors

  • Jostens will be back for 1 additional order day on Friday December 2nd during all 4 lunches.
  • This will be the final order day before the prices increase after the holidays.

SCA Holiday Meal

  • Each year the SCA hosts a custodial dinner before winter break.
  • The custodial staff does so much for our school and we use this opportunity to thank them and show our appreciation.
  • The SCA is asking for donations from the community to put a bag together for each custodian to be presented at this meal
  • The SCA is requesting eight of the same thing. Any donation is greatly appreciated. We will be collecting donations through Dec. 13th and they may be turned into the front office or the SCA office.

PSAT Basketball Concession Stand

  • The Patrick Henry Boys and Girls JV and varsity basketball season starts on Tuesday, November 29. Come out and support our teams and stop by the PTSA concession stand. We will have sodas, bottled water, Gatorade, hot dogs, chips, candy and more for sale during all the home games.

Substance Use Prevention

  • Substance Use Prevention Education Blog: http://boldwithprevention.blogspot.com. This week the Surgeon General released the first report ever dedicated to substance addiction and referred to drug and alcohol addiction as a public health crisis. Check out the blog for links to this report and for resources to help have discussions about addiction.
  • Applications for Sticker Shock are available and there are only 10 slots! Sticker Shock is a program run by law enforcement to warn the community about the consequences of buying alcohol for someone who is underage. On February 4th, teams of students from HCPS will work with police to place warning stickers on alcoholic products around the county. Interested students should see Mrs. Streitel in room 110 ASAP for an application! Students can also email Mrs. Streitel at kstreitel@hcps.us.



  • Thank you to the PHHS Faculty and Students who raised over $900 in coin donations for Henry Clay and Elmont Elementary.


PHHS Events November 29th – December 2nd

Tuesday  November 29th        

PHHS Blood Drive in the Main Gym  
Girls JV and Varsity Basketball at Godwin 6:00PM and 7:30PM
Boys JV and Varsity Basketball at Patrick Henry 6:00PM and 7:30PM


Wednesday November 30th

Varsity Wrestling Match at Collegiate TBD
Girls JV and Varsity Basketball at Glen Allen 6:00PM and 7:30PM
Boys JV and Varsity Basketball at Patrick Henry 6:00PM and 7:30PM

Thursday December 1st                     

Boys and Girls Varsity Swimming at Hanover TBD

Friday December 2nd

Girls JV and Varsity Basketball at Patrick Henry 6:00PM and 7:30PM
Boys JV and Varsity Basketball at Hermitage 6:00PM and 7:30PM

Saturday December 3rd

Jazz Band Concert at the Beaverdam Depot  
Varsity Wrestling Tournament in Caroline 9:00AM


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