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Senior Pictures for 2017 Yearbook and change of dates of pictures




Senior pictures are an important part of your child’s final year at Patrick Henry.  Please consider using Candid Color Photography for your child’s senior picture.  The last day Candid Color will be on campus to take senior pictures will be October 3, 2016.  Please note: This is a change in dates.  We have had to make a switch with Atlee High School, and if you or our student has a conflict, please email Mrs. Moore a mkmoore@hcps.us.  Arrangements can be made to take pictures at Atlee High School on October 11.   You should receive information from Candid Color in the mail about photo dates.  Seniors who take their portraits with Candid Color will automatically be included in the yearbook.  It is the easiest way to be sure your child’s picture is included in the yearbook.  Selection of the pose can also be done online at www.candidcolor.net.  Otherwise, Candid Color will select the best of the poses.

In order to secure a spot for your senior pictures, please visit room 506 to sign up for a spot.  There are very limited spots available; please see Mrs. Moore as soon as possible to secure your spot.

If you do not take advantage of Candid Color’s services on October 3, you have two options for submitting a senior portrait to be included in the 2017 The Voice yearbook.


To submit a photo from an outside photographer (any photographer other than Candid Color):  Submit a Senior Portrait from an outside photographer by November 4, 2016.  No senior pictures will be accepted after this date. 

Photos that conflict with any of the following guidelines will not be accepted.  Senior portraits from outside photographers must follow exact guidelines so the yearbook staff can make its best effort to create senior section of consistently high quality.  Please be aware that all senior pictures print in color in the yearbook.  See other side for requirements.

  • We require digital files (in JPEG format).
  • If submitted on a disc, each disc should be clearly labeled with first name, middle name, and last name on the outside of the disc.
  • Male attire should be a white shirt, bow tie, and black tuxedo jacket.
  • Female attire should be a solid black drape, with no more than small earrings and a thin necklace or pearls.
  • Seniors should be facing the camera—shoulders may be angled left or right, but should be visible in photograph. We ask that you avoid over-the-shoulder poses.
  • Pictures with objects (for example, flowers) or names engraved in them will NOT be accepted.
  • Pictures need to be submitted with a light blue background. Portraits submitted with backgrounds that detract from the uniformity of the senior section will NOT be included in the yearbook.

Picture discs will be returned in a timely fashion.

Thank you for your review of this information.  We are striving for the highest quality possible in the senior section of the yearbook, and your compliance of these deadlines and requirements ensure uniformity in the yearbook.

Please feel free to contact the yearbook adviser with questions, comments, or concerns at mkmoore@hcps.us.


Meghan Moore, PHHS Yearbook Adviser

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