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Saturday Enrichment Program


The Center for Gifted Education is accepting registrations for the Fall 2016  Saturday Enrichment Program (SEP). The 2016 Fall program will begin on  Saturday, October 29 to December 3 (no class during Thanksgiving week) in  Richmond, consisting of 5 Saturday sessions.

SEP is an academically challenging program with an emphasis on inquiry-based  learning for students enrolled in grades K–9. It is not meant to supplant the  regular school curriculum; rather, it recognizes the importance of allowing  able students to explore additional specialized areas of science, mathematics,  humanities, and the arts.

The program’s brochure is accessible through the Center’s website at http://education.wm.edu/centers/cfge/precollegiate/sep/index.php. If you have  any questions or if there is anything we can assist you with, please do not  hesitate to contact the CFGE office at (757) 221-2166 or sep@wm.edu.

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