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March 1, 2016 is Now a Student Holiday due to Presidential Primary


The Hanover County Electoral Board unexpectedly submitted a request to Hanover County Public Schools leaders to close all Hanover schools March 1 due to the upcoming presidential primary. This was request was supported by the General Registrar, Teri Smithson. The Electoral Board cited higher than expected voter turnout, logistics, and safety as reasons for their request. Nineteen of our 25 Hanover schools serve as polling places, and it is estimated that there are over 73,000 registered voters in Hanover County.

Tonight, in order to provide as timely notice to parents, students, and staff as possible, the Hanover County School Board considered and approved this request. As a result, March 1 is now a student holiday and a teacher workday.

To make up for the unanticipated loss of instructional time and preserve the President’s Day holiday, February 25 and April 8 will now be full instructional days (previously early closing days). Parent-teacher conferences will still be held on February 25.

While we did not anticipate this request, we wanted to share it with you as quickly as we became aware of the notice and decision. We hope this is helpful you as you begin making the necessary arrangements for your student.

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