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While shopping for clothes in preparation for the upcoming school year, please keep Patrick Henry’s dress code in mind.


Student dress should be consistent with the educational mission of the school and should not interfere with the orderly operation of the classroom or school. The principal has the final authority regarding the appropriateness of clothing, footwear, and accessories worn by students. The general regulations for student dress at Patrick Henry are as follows:

All students are to remove head coverings, including hats, caps, those considered sportswear, bandannas, and scarves upon entering the building.

Pajamas pants including flannel are not permitted.

Mesh or see-through clothing is not permitted.

Jewelry and messages on outerwear such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets should not reflect upon a specific race, religion, or creed; in addition, items may not promote alcohol, tobacco, fraternity/sorority affiliation, or sexual orientation.   This includes “Big Johnson” items.

Shoes should be worn at all times while on school grounds as a safety/health precaution. Soft-sole flip flops or sandals are discouraged.  (No slippers are allowed)

Jeans with holes should not expose skin 4 inches above the knee.

Specific guidelines are as follows:


  1.       The straps of tops must be greater than 2 inches wide.  Spaghetti straps, tank tops, racer tops, and tops with the backs out are not permitted.
  2. Skirts, dresses and shorts should be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee. Elastic tube skirts/dresses are not permitted.
  3. Jeggings, leggings, yoga pants, etc. must be worn with tops that are no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.
  4. All tops that expose bra straps, cleavage, and waist areas are not permitted.


The waists of pants should remain gathered around the upper hip area to avoid sagging below the hips or dragging the floor as this could impact individual safety in cases of evacuation.

T-shirts and sleeveless shirts/sweatshirts should not expose the waist area or the side underarm areas.

Tank tops are not permitted.

Students who violate the dress code will be required to call parents to bring appropriate clothing or they will be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day. Multiple violations of the dress code could result in additional disciplinary consequences.

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